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At DeHart Air Conditioning, we are proud to employ a team of HVAC specialists who have the expertise and knowledge to design and install numerous types of systems for specialty applications used in industrial construction.

We’ve done commercial HVAC work for educational facilities, private offices, warehouse spaces, government buildings, and more here in the Chickasha and Duncan areas. From plan and spec to HVAC installation to repair and maintenance, we offer a wide variety of HVAC services to meet your commercial needs.

Plan, Spec & Build for Large-Scale Projects

For your large-scale commercial project, we offer plan and spec services to help you implement your HVAC plans on-time and within budget. We follow engineer guidelines precisely and install top-quality products to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. We can also build your ideal commercial HVAC system from scratch with expert design and installation services. We’ll assess your unique heating and cooling needs and create a solution that perfectly suits your commercial space.

Expert HVAC Replacement, Repair & Maintenance

For existing commercial buildings, we offer HVAC replacement using high-efficiency equipment. This includes rooftop units, split systems, and VRF systems. We can also convert your split system or chiller boiler system to a flexible and efficient VRF system. To help you get the most from your commercial HVAC equipment, we also offer repair and maintenance services.

Ventilation for Commercial Spaces

Want fresher, healthier air in your commercial space? For that, we offer professional ventilation services. We’ll design and install a custom ventilation solution that promotes better airflow, reduces the concentration of harmful contaminants, and keeps occupants healthy and comfortable.

Make your commercial space comfortable, efficient, and healthy. Contact us or call 405-224-0184 to talk to our team of experts!

Plan & Spec Work

DeHart Air Conditioning, Architectural plans, OK

At DeHart, we understand that comfortable and efficient commercial buildings start with a solid base of detailed plans and specifications. As commercial HVAC and building science experts here in Chickasha and Duncan, Oklahoma, we take pride in offering professional plan and spec services to commercial property owners in the area.

We’re experienced in working with local architects, engineers, and contractors and have completed plan and spec work for schools, technology centers, and other large-scale projects in the area.

Commercial HVAC Replacement

DeHart Air Conditioning, Commercial air conditioners on roof, OK

Your commercial property doesn’t have to be new in order to be energy efficient. As local commercial HVAC experts, DeHart can help you meet your unique heating and cooling needs while boosting efficiency, conserving energy, and saving you money.

We offer professional replacement of HVAC equipment for commercial buildings throughout the Chickasha and Duncan, Oklahoma, areas. We work with a wide variety of equipment options, including VRF systems, split systems, and rooftop units.


DeHart Air Conditioning, variable refrigerant flow system on roof, OK

With many commercial HVAC options available today, it can be tough to choose the right one for your property. However, if you’re interested in optimal control, increased energy efficiency, and reduced operating costs, a VRF system may be right for you.

Smart Heating & Cooling for Your Property

A variable refrigerant flow or VRF system uses refrigerant to move heat. Unlike traditional forced air systems, it doesn’t require any ductwork. A VRF system simply relies on refrigerant lines to move heat.

Commercial Ventilation

DeHart Air Conditioning, Commercial ventilation system, OK

Commercial buildings need efficient HVAC systems, and ventilation is no exception. Proper ventilation is essential in commercial buildings for promoting better indoor air quality and greater indoor comfort. In addition to our commercial heating and cooling solutions, we offer commercial ventilation services to help business and property owners in Chickasha and Duncan, Oklahoma, keep their commercial spaces healthy and comfortable.

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I would like to commend DeHart Air Conditioning and two of your employees, Stacy and Akeem. When we moved into our house two years ago we had DeHart clean the ducts.

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