How to Treat Hot, Dry Air in your Home

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When you get home after a long day, your home should feel like an oasis in the desert. But when the low humidity has the air in your home feeling more like the Sahara, it can have negative implications for your family’s health as well as the structural integrity of your home. Following our tips, we’ll help you treat hot dry air and make your home better. 

So, how can you battle the dryness and start breathing easier at home? A whole home humidifier is the ticket.


The humidity in your home contributes in large part to your home’s overall indoor air quality. This can be a tough balance; you don’t want to much moisture in the air (as this causes mold growth, increased allergens, etc.) but you certainly don’t want too little moisture, either. When the humidity is consistently below 30%, it can really affect both your health and your home. Symptoms your body may experience include dry and itchy skin, increased respiratory symptoms such as coughing or dry throat, and a heightened susceptibility to infections.

There are also symptoms to look out for in your home, including cracks in your leather furniture and cracks and splits in the trim, molding, floors, and furnishings of your home. You may even notice there is more static electricity in your blankets and laundry.


A whole home humidifier works with your home’s heating and cooling system to introduce moisture into the air, keeping your home between 30% and 60% humidity at all times. With easy to use, integrated controls, you can choose exactly how humid your indoor air is at all times.

The indoor humidity specialists at DeHart install Lennox whole home humidifiers in Duncan and Chickasha homes that are suffering from dry air, giving homeowners complete control over their indoor air quality.


With nearly 100 years of experience in the Duncan and Chickasha, OK region, the expert team at DeHart knows the Oklahoma climate like it’s our own backyard. When you trust us with solving your home humidity issues, you can rest easy knowing it’s taken care of by a professional. We know the challenges that Oklahoma homeowners face with each changing season, and we want you to be able keep your home comfortable and your family healthy all year round.