Home Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

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If you need an easy home maintenance checklist on how to prepare your home for the fall season, this guide is perfect for you.

To cater to the disability community, the fall home maintenance checklist will also be typed up.

For accessibility to the fall home maintenance checklist, here is the text within the guide:

Check your chimney

Chimney leaks and creosote buildup can lead to dangerous and even deadly chimney fires. Make sure to check for:

  • Any structural damage
  • Any blockages
  • Proper Damper Operation

Check your roof

Regular roof maintenance will stop leaks before they happen, and is significantly cheaper than a roof replacement.

  • Identify any shingles in need of replacement
  • Inspect around chimneys and vents for damage

Check your gutters

Clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof and the exterior of your home, especially as winter approaches. Make sure your gutters are clear before ice has a chance to form. 

  • Clear your gutters of any leaks and debris
  • Protect your gutters with mesh

Check for air leaks

Cracks and gaps in the windows and structure of your house can account for 10% of the energy that goes to waste in your home. 

  • Inspect your home from top to bottom for air leaks
  • Use caulk or weather stripping materials to seal cracks and gaps

Check your filters

Your home uses multiple air filters to keep your indoor air as healthy as possible.

  • Replace all furnace, ac, and other air purification filters to manufacturer specifications

Check your furnace

A proper inspection of your furnace ensures it is running at peak efficiency after being sidelined for the summer weather.

  • Schedule an annual fall furnace inspection

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