Heat working hard, but not warming you up?


You can hear it whirring, you can feel the hot air in the vent—and yet you’re still huddled under the blanket on the couch with your wool socks on. What gives? It appears your furnace is working just fine, so why aren’t you warm? What could be causing your heating issues?

We field a lot of complaints from Oklahoma homeowners who come to us looking for a solution to their home heating frustrations. Unfortunately this problem can be caused by a number of issues between your home and your heating appliances. Fortunately for homeowners in both Chickasha and Duncan, DeHart has the expertise needed to properly diagnose the problem and get your toes warm again. So what’s keeping your furnace from keeping you warm in your own home?


When it comes to home heating equipment, size matters. Unlike what our southern neighbors would like to think, bigger isn’t always better (yes, we’re looking at you, Texas.) A furnace that is too large will short-cycle, while a furnace that is too small for the square footage of your home will run continuously, never fully achieving the temperature you have set on the thermostat. This not only wastes loads of electricity and money, but it means your furnace is more prone to a breakdown from increased wear and tear.

On the flip side, a furnace that is too large will only turn on in short bursts, which does not leave time for the heat to actually reach the rest of the house. One of DeHart’s home heating specialists can determine if your furnace is sized correctly to your home’s heating needs, and recommend a furnace replacement that will save you money in the long run and keep you comfortable all winter long.


It could be that your furnace is operating just fine and is perfectly sized for your home. But the culprit lies in the delivery system for that hot air. The ductwork in your home could be leaky or poorly designed, which would mean that you are losing a large percentage of your hot air to your attic or crawlspace. No, we wouldn’t recommend that you move your couch into the attic—instead, call DeHart for a ductwork redesign and replacement!

Is there just one room in your home that doesn’t seem to heat up? We see a lot of bonus rooms and aftermarket additions that aren’t included in the original ductwork plans. DeHart recommends the energy efficient and year round heating and cooling of a ductless mini split for when you just need a little help conditioning one room.


If your ductwork is in tip top shape, and your furnace is the right size, it may just be that your current furnace is malfunctioning. If you’ve had multiple issues over the last year with your heating equipment, we find it is most cost effective to go ahead and replace your furnace. Multiple repairs in a short time period is a sign that it is time for an appliance update.


There is no need to stand befuddled and staring at your thermostat. If you find that your energy bills are rising with every trip you make to the thermostat, it’s time to bring in the pros. Here at DeHart, we have nearly a century of providing Oklahoma homeowners greater home comfort, and overall home performance.