Duct Cleaning & Sanitization with DeHart


Concerned about your health and safety from viruses, bacteria, and airborne pathogens? DeHart Air Conditioning cares about keeping you healthy as well as providing you some peace of mind when it comes to your indoor air quality. We want to help kill the bacteria in the air that you breathe in your home or business, and there are several ways to go about this in relation to your central ductwork, and heating and cooling system. In our article, we talk about duct cleaning & sanitization.


We offer a duct cleaning and sanitization service, to clean up the stream of air that travels through your ducts, furnace, and air conditioner. This kills and eradicates any standing bacteria along its pathway.


We also offer Global Plasma Solutions (GPS’s. This cold plasma air purification system is installed in-;ine with your HVAC system, and kills airborne pathogens, bacteria, viruses & mold, while also neutralizing odors. This system lasts up to 10 years with no annual maintenance. There are other similar ways to create healthier indoor air quality, such as installing ultra violet lights or pure air systems to your unit.


This Germicidal UV light cleans air, through the intake of your heating and cooling system. Installed in the air return, germicidal lights are used to eliminate germs and sterilize your air flow by killing active microorganisms.
Pure Air Systems

This air filtration system removes over 99.9% of pollen particles and pet dander, removes 90% of viruses & bacteria, removes 50% of household odors and chemical vapors. This equipment is recommended for pet owners, and those particularly sensitive to seasonal allergens.