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Winters in Chickasha and Duncan, Oklahoma, tend to be very dry, and with forced-air heating and air conditioning, the air in our homes can become especially dry. Because dry air can compromise the health of both you and your home, it’s important to regulate proper indoor humidity levels.

We install whole-house humidifiers to help homeowners protect the structural integrity of their homes while improving indoor air quality.

The Problem with Dry Indoor Air

Dry air isn’t always easy to identify, and it can affect you and your home if you aren’t careful. Negative effects of dry indoor air include:

  • Dry or itchy skin

  • Heightened respiratory symptoms

  • Higher susceptibility to infections

  • Static electricity

  • Cracks in leather furniture

  • Splits in wood floors and furnishings

  • Cracks in trim and molding

Whole-Home Humidification for a Healthier Home

For healthy indoor air and a more comfortable home, be sure to consider whole-home humidification. At DeHart, we install industry-leading humidifiers by Lennox, which work together with your heating and cooling systems to add moisture to your home’s air as needed.

These humidifiers feature a built-in fan which allows the unit to circulate humidified air, keeping relative humidity levels at a health 30% to 60%. You can even specify precise humidity levels using simple, integrated controls. With a Lennox home humidifier, you’ll add up to 18 gallons of moisture to your home’s air per day.

Achieve Better Indoor Air Quality with DeHart

If you’re concerned about dry air at home, consider having the DeHart experts install a whole-home humidification system. After we install your new humidifier, you’ll notice fewer dry air related health symptoms and greater all-around comfort indoors. We can also help you achieve better indoor air quality with effective IAQ solutions such as air filtration and air purification.

Find out what a whole-home humidifier can do for you and your family. Call 405-224-0184 or contact us to schedule your humidifier installation!

Is your family suffering from dry air at home?

Contact DeHart and consider a home humidifier.


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