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Your commercial property doesn’t have to be new in order to be energy efficient. As local commercial HVAC experts, DeHart can help you meet your unique heating and cooling needs while boosting efficiency, conserving energy, and saving you money.

We offer professional replacement of HVAC equipment for commercial buildings throughout the Chickasha and Duncan, Oklahoma, areas. We work with a wide variety of equipment options, including VRF systems, split systems, and rooftop units.

Expert HVAC Equipment Replacement

Whether you need to replace rooftop units or upgrade split system components, you can rely on DeHart for expert HVAC equipment replacement. We work with top-of-the-line equipment to give you the best in energy efficiency and indoor comfort, so we can easily help you determine which equipment options are best for your commercial space.

We’ll also make sure all HVAC units are properly located and properly sized, all while completing your installation as quickly as possible for minimal downtime.

Seamless HVAC Conversions

Is your HVAC system falling short in meeting your heating and cooling needs? Perhaps your current HVAC equipment is driving up your energy expenses, or you want more customizable indoor comfort.

We can convert your split system or chiller boiler system to a convenient and energy efficient VRF system. You’ll achieve controlled comfort year-round (even simultaneous heating and cooling in different areas of your building), reduced operating costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.

DeHart: Oklahoma’s Commercial HVAC Partner

If you want to start getting the most from your commercial HVAC equipment, make DeHart your HVAC partner. We’ll assess your current HVAC equipment and advise you on your best options for replacement.

If it’s not quite time to replace your equipment, we can also help with fast and reliable repair and maintenance. In addition, we’re also able to design a custom ventilation solution from scratch for greater indoor air quality in your commercial building.

Start getting more from your commercial HVAC equipment. Contact us or call 405-224-0184 today to schedule an appointment!

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We wanted to say 'thank you' for your great service! The new geothermal unit is working well and in fact is working better than our original ever did. We cannot express our appreciation enough. Thank you also for the extra time spent in completing paperwork for our OEC Rebate.

David and Kami Ratcliff

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