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Just like residential heating and air conditioning systems, commercial HVAC systems need early repairs and regular maintenance to continue running at their best. As commercial HVAC specialists in the Chickasha and Duncan, Oklahoma, areas, we offer fast and reliable repairs, as well as comprehensive maintenance for commercial heating and cooling systems.

Fast & Reliable Repairs for Minimal Downtime

Even with top-of-the-line HVAC equipment and expert installation by a skilled and experienced professional, sometimes emergencies do arise. That is why we offer fast and reliable repairs for commercial heating and cooling systems.

At the first sign of trouble with your HVAC system, be sure to have our experts take a look. We’ll diagnose the issue and address it before it escalates into a more serious problem, completing the repair as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. Our team of technicians is trained in the latest industry practices and receives continuous training to ensure you get the highest quality service.

Regular Maintenance for Greater Efficiency

Even when there doesn’t seem to be an issue with your HVAC system, there could be smaller issues affecting the efficiency of your equipment. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems.

During a maintenance appointment, an expert technician will inspect your equipment for safe operation and make adjustments to help it run at peak efficiency. This is also a great time for your technician to spot minor issues before they cause a breakdown that could undermine productivity.

DeHart: Your Local Commercial HVAC Specialist

Whether you have rooftop units, a split system, or a VRF system, you can rely on DeHart for all of your commercial HVAC needs. We’ll assess your equipment and help you determine the best solutions for your system.

When replacement makes more financial sense than making a repair, we’ll match you with energy efficient equipment options that offer an exceptionally high return on investment.

Get more from your commercial HVAC equipment with fast repairs and regular maintenance. Contact us or call 405-224-0184 to schedule an appointment!

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We wanted to say 'thank you' for your great service! The new geothermal unit is working well and in fact is working better than our original ever did. We cannot express our appreciation enough. Thank you also for the extra time spent in completing paperwork for our OEC Rebate.

David and Kami Ratcliff

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