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Many homeowners here in the Chickasha and Duncan areas underestimate the importance of healthy indoor air quality. Though you cannot see it, your indoor air could be filled with viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help keep your house free of germs, all with one simple whole-home solution? You can when you have the DeHart technicians install an air purification system in your home.

Are There Germs in Your Indoor Air?

Because you cannot spot germs and bacteria with the human eye, negative health symptoms are often the first sign of poor indoor air quality. Some symptoms that could indicate there are germs in your indoor air include:

  • Eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation

  • Allergy symptoms such as sneezing or asthma

  • Headache and sinus congestion

  • Nausea or dizziness

Eliminate Germs & VOCs with Air Purification

While air filtration systems remove dirt, dust, and other particulates from indoor air, air purification systems use UV light to target microscopic viruses, bacteria, and other living organisms in the air. An air purification system works together with your heating and cooling equipment to kill germs in the air before that air is circulated throughout your home.

We install PureAir Air Purification Systems by Lennox, which actually target three types of air pollutants: airborne particles, germs and bacteria, and chemical odors and vapors. The PureAir system traps 99.9% of particles like pollen dust, and pet dander; removes over 90% of viruses such as MRSA, flu, and cold; and destroys approximately 50% of household odors and chemical vapors in a 24-hour period. With comprehensive air purification system in your home, you’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher air and so much more.

DeHart: Oklahoma’s Indoor Air Quality Specialists

For optimal air quality, you can rely on DeHart to provide indoor air solutions that are tailored to your Oklahoma home. In addition to air purification, we offer air filtration, humidification, duct cleaning, and duct sanitization to support the better health of your home and family.

Find out what air purification can do for your home and family. Contact us or call 405-224-0184 to schedule an appointment!

Make sure your indoor air is germ-free.

Air purification services for your home from DeHart!


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