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April 3, 2019

We may deal with season to season temperature swings here in Oklahoma, as does anywhere else here above the earth’s surface. But did you know that about ten feet below the surface, the temperature constantly remains between 50ºF and 60ºF, no matter the time of year or what the weather is doing? It is this constant temperature that provides the green, renewable and sustainable properties of geothermal energy. And you can harness that energy for use in your home to keep it comfortable all year round! Here’s how it works.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Geothermal energy, in essence, provides your home with remarkably efficient heating and cooling by using the underground energy and sending it to your home for use all year round.

For homes, this is done through a heat exchanger — which is a series of pipes that are installed deep into the ground. This heat exchanger carries the air from your home down into the ground, and brings it to the desired temperature before sending it to a second unit called a heat pump, which will distribute your conditioned air throughout the ductwork and vents of your home.  Both the heat exchanger and heat pump work in conjunction to create a “refrigeration cycle”  that consists of evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion, to harness geothermal energy and provide year round heating and cooling.

What Makes Geothermal Energy Different?

The main differentiator between geothermal energy and more traditional furnaces and air conditioners for heating and cooling your home is that a geothermal system requires significantly less electricity than traditional methods to create the heat that is used to keep your home comfortable. A geothermal energy system requires a water mixture to run through the heat exchanger (this is usually a suspension of water and antifreeze or refrigerant), and electricity for the heat pump and blower fans and heat exchanger. This makes geothermal systems significantly less expensive to operate, and since geothermal energy does not require any combustion fuel, it is a much more environmentally friendly energy source.

How Much Will Geothermal Save Me?

We have seen a ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump system installed by our experienced DeHart technicians save our customers up to 80% on their annual energy costs! Using the ClimateMaster savings calculator to determine the environmental impact of a geothermal system, projections show a 25% decrease in your carbon footprint when you use a geothermal heat pump system in your home:

The benefits of heating and cooling your home with geothermal energy are clear from an environmental and financial standpoint. Plus, the expected lifespan of a geothermal heat pump is longer than that of other traditional air conditioners or furnaces! With little required maintenance, you can rely on a geothermal heat pump to provide energy savings and home comfort for decades to come.

What Does it Take to Install a Geothermal Heat Pump?

Installation of the ground loop of a geothermal heat pump from the home comfort pros at DeHart requires a drilling contractor to come in & drill a series of holes, before placing the loops in those holes and sealing them with a bentonite grout material. Then, supply and return piping is run between the drilled holes and the house. Once the drilling and header piping has all been installed and properly tested, it will then be connected to the heat pump unit.

Saving on the Cost of Installation

Because geothermal heat pumps reduce energy usage, the government, as well as local utility companies, are offering financial incentives for those that pull the trigger on installation. With the Federal Investment Tax Credit, you can take 30% of the cost of your geothermal heat pump and deduct it from the taxable income on your Federal taxes. But this tax incentive is declining after the year 2019, so you better hurry and schedule your installation before the end of the year!

Questions? Ask the Duncan & Chickasha Geothermal Experts!

In our nearly 100 years serving the heating and cooling needs of Southern Oklahoma, we have helped many of our customers set up their homes for decades of energy savings and reliable home comfort by installing geothermal heat pump systems. If you have any questions about geothermal energy for use in your home, you can browse our previous post on the 5 Things You Should Know About Geothermal Heat Pumps, or call experts that are standing by and waiting to answer your questions!

Save on your home heating and cooling costs by using the energy right under your feet. Install a geothermal heat pump with the experts at DeHart. Call us at 405-224-0184 or contact us today!

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We wanted to say 'thank you' for your great service! The new geothermal unit is working well and in fact is working better than our original ever did. We cannot express our appreciation enough. Thank you also for the extra time spent in completing paperwork for our OEC Rebate.

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