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April 7, 2020

For many Oklahomans, it’s hard to resist the urge to bury your head in the sand when your air conditioning starts making strange sounds. Among other common excuses:

  • “Oh, it’s not that loud.”

  • “Well, the AC is still working, so how bad could it be?”

  • “I can’t hear it when I’m upstairs, so maybe I’ll just spend more time up there…”

We’re right there with you—having to deal with an unexpected problem with your air conditioner can be a headache, and you could be worried about the unexpected cost of AC repair. But trust the cooling experts at DeHart Air Conditioning—when your AC is making a noise it doesn’t usually, the time is act is now! Here are a few of the more commons sounds you might be hearing, and what could be going on with your AC.


Hissing (or worse, a high pitched shrieking) is one of the signs that you have a refrigerant line leak. Refrigerant leaks can not only cause serious damage to your unit—it can cause health problems for the people inside your home. Turn off your air conditioning system immediately, and call a professional HVAC technician for a closer inspection. 


If you hear your cooling system click when it first kicks on and turns off, there’s no need to worry, as this is normal operation. But continuous clicking during operation can signal an electrical malfunction, which can be very dangerous in a home. It could be a malfunctioning control or issue with the thermostat.


If your AC unit is making a popping noise, it could be as a result of ice forming, either because the temperature is set too low or because of water drainage issues. If water is able to reach some of the more sensitive areas of your system, it could cause lasting (and expensive) damage.


Rattling, clanging, or banging noises coming from your air conditioner are often due to a loose part or screw. It could also be from stuck leaves or debris, or a loose fan blade.


Blower and fan motors have a tendency to make a ruckus when they’re going bad. If you hear a squealing sound very briefly when your AC first turns on, it could be nothing, but any kind of prolonged high-pitched noise should be looked at by an experienced HVAC expert.


A buzzing sound coming from your air conditioning system could be any number of problems, from loose parts to an air filter that needs to be changed to a dirty condenser coil. Is the sound new or has it always been there? Give a call to your local HVAC contractor and describe what you’re hearing—they’ll be in the best position to advise you on the next steps.

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The thing to remember about weird AC noises is that it’s always better to catch the problem early on. It will be much less expensive to identify and address a small problem than to wait until your cooling isn’t working anymore and your AC is blowing warm air before finally calling an HVAC company for emergency repairs.

In fact, the best way to avoid costly air conditioner repair in your Duncan, OK home is to schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance. A tune-up for your air conditioner (or furnace) will help ensure that your system is in the best position to provide high efficiency operation all year long. Take it from the AC repair experts at DeHart—our customers who call us every spring and fall for HVAC maintenance pay far less than the customers who call needing immediate repair because their AC won’t turn on and end up needing AC replacement.

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