Have you been wondering about which HVAC system might be right for you? Or do you want to know more about how to improve your indoor air quality? Maybe you want to know about how to take care of your HVAC system and ducts properly for the greatest comfort and energy efficiency.

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central AC unit outside house in grassy yard
June 16, 2021

Learn more about the different sounds an air conditioner can make, and when you should call for professional HVAC help. DeHart Air Conditioning has been helping Oklahoma homeowners for over 100 years—reach out to our team today for help... Read more

dirty vent from dirty ductwork in house
April 21, 2021

Remove air pollutants and particles in your ductwork causing allergic reactions and making you feel sick in your home with duct cleaning and sanitization services from DeHart. Learn more about the benefits of keeping your ductwork clean and germ-... Read more

man breathing in fresh air at home
April 6, 2021

Learn more about the different ways to fight back against unhealthy indoor air with the IAQ experts at DeHart. What's the difference between air filters and air purifiers? Is filtration the same as ventilation? Reduce air pollutants in your... Read more

house money calculator, tax savings house rebate concept
March 23, 2021

Learn about changes to the federal geothermal tax credit, and what it means for home and business owners interested in upgrading to geothermal. DeHart breaks down the new extended tax credit schedule and outlines how you can make sure you... Read more

tech working on fixing furnace at home
February 16, 2021

Get to the bottom of your heating system problems with trustworthy expertise from Chickasha and Duncan's local HVAC experts at DeHart. From strange new noises to poor indoor comfort and rising energy bills, find out what could be causing your... Read more

heating myths dehart infographic
January 21, 2021

Learn whether your energy-saving heating trick is legit or just a myth with the local heating and cooling experts at DeHart. From thermostat secrets to ceiling fans and duct tape, our HVAC team will help you separate fact from fiction in your... Read more

boy and cat in window of home looking out at snow
November 23, 2020

Lower your energy bills and create a more comfortable and healthy home this winter with HVAC services from DeHart. From heating system replacement to AC service and duct cleaning, our team of heating and cooling experts can help you improve your... Read more

woman and child embracing at home
November 10, 2020

Learn more about the causes of indoor air quality in your home, and why it's more important than ever this year to make sure your house is a healthy indoor environment. Reach out to DeHart today for IAQ solutions including air filtration,... Read more

geothermal heated home illustration floating
September 24, 2020

Learn more about the many benefits of upgrading your home to geothermal energy. From lower heating and cooling costs to quiet operation and a lifespan of 30+ years, there are many advantages to saying goodbye to your aging furnace and AC. Talk to... Read more

dirty ductwork vent
August 31, 2020

Lower energy bills, improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, and reduce indoor air pollutants with duct cleaning and sanitizing from DeHart. Learn more about how dirty ducts can create air flow problems leading to less comfort and higher... Read more


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