Summer Prep Tips for Your HVAC

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Hi, I’m John DeHart and I have some tips for getting prepped for the summertime.

Biggest thing on any HVAC Mechanical device is cleanliness; dirt is the number one killer of any system. This is kind of what I’m talking about. Most every house will have a split system. This is your condenser. The biggest thing is just looking and you kind of just see, do I have any dirt or cottonwood buildup on the side. This is the perfect example; took a side panel off and this system was washed and cleaned, I think, mid-June/July. It’s now September, it needs a really good bath again. A lot of people ask how do I wash my system. If you’re able to take the panels off easily, which some are and some aren’t, you can get a water hose with medium pressure and wash at a downward angle, where that stuff will kind slough off. Depending on the structure of the unit, you know, you may want to call somebody to do it. 

Alright, now we’re inside, we are kind of looking at where your filter is gonna be and how to check it and look at it. Filters can be all over the place; you could have filtered grills like this one, where you’re it’s actually in your ceiling with tabs. You can take it down, load your filter. Some are going to actually be, if your unit’s in a closet, it could be under your unit and somewhere in the attic. It could be in the attic, just depends on where it is. In this filter, we can look at essentially, so we can see there’s a pretty good buildup of dust. A system that has dirty filters can do many many things; it could build pressure up in your systems. It’s no different than a human having high blood pressure.

A lot of homeowners don’t understand that their HVAC systems and their furnaces, their air conditionings and all the inner workings probably run more than anything they own mechanically. Routine checks internal workings of all the components, the electrical connections, all the way down to the low voltage connections, can make a big difference in not only the life of your equipment, the safety, and the efficiency of where it runs. 

We do offer preventative maintenance agreements and services and checks agreements and anything anybody needs, can give us a call at any time.