Tips for Winter Preparation

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Closed Captions

“I’m John DeHart and I have some tips you can look at as a homeowner to get ready for the winter time. 

When winter’s coming, the biggest thing in my mind on gas furnaces in general, is safety. Most of the inner workings of the furnace, homeowner’s not going to necessarily open it up and check for flames and stuff; that’s more needed a professional to really know what a good burn is versus a bad burn. Second of all, if you ever anything you think that might be gas or a bad smell like something smells off through your vents, shut it down and call somebody to check it out. 

Alright, now we’re in the attic, kind of looking at insulation and kind of what to look for. The biggest thing in most attics is if you start seeing in a whole lot of rafters, you start seeing the top of your rafters and the insulation is below those or at them, it’s probably time to reevaluate how much you need. Usually, they can measure it and then they have lots of different options on r value and things like that. But that’s going to help and benefit not only your comfort, you efficiencies, but just how much your system runs in general. 

A lot of homeowners don’t understand that their HVAC systems and their furnaces and air conditionings and all the inner workings probably run more than anything they own mechanically.

Routine checks interal workings of all the components: eletrical connections all the way down to the low voltage connections can make a big difference in not only the life of your equipment, the safety, and the efficiency of where it runs and here at DeHart, we do offer preventative maintenance agreements and service and check agreements and anything anybody needs, can give us a call any time. “