Now is the Time for your HVAC Service & Maintenance

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Did you know that in the month of October alone, the temperatures in Oklahoma will drop by an average of over 10º? As the days get colder, you may find you and your family easing into the fall and coming winter by slowly turning up the thermostat and relying on your heating system more than your cooling system. Your furnace probably worked great through the beginning of spring — so why wouldn’t it fire right up again this year? We stress the importance of HVAC service and maintenance during weather changes.

Well, chances are, your furnace has been sitting dormant for months while your family enjoyed the summer. So the time for an HVAC tune-up is now, before the fall temperatures are here to stay in Chickasha and Duncan!


As your HVAC equipment sits unused, electrical connections can loosen, mechanical parts can deteriorate, and leaks can develop. After heavy use over the winter, your furnace could very well be primed for an unexpected and costly breakdown when it’s fired up again for use.

So in order to avoid a winter emergency and spending much more on service or replacement of your furnace, schedule an HVAC tune-up to find any invisible lurking issues. But that isn’t the only reason to schedule your maintenance with DeHart before the temperatures drop!


With a yearly tune-up from a trained and experienced professional at DeHart, your HVAC equipment is guaranteed to be running at peak efficiency when you need it the most. In the fall and winter, this means your heating equipment is using less energy to keep your home at a comfortable and cozy temperature, and costing you less on your energy bills. It also means you can rest easy knowing your furnace will supply your home with heat from Halloween all the way through Memorial Day.


Making the necessary adjustments and repairs to the HVAC equipment in your Chickasha or Duncan area home is best left to a heating and cooling specialist that knows the local climate. DeHart has been keeping Oklahoma homeowners and their families comfortable in their homes for nearly a century — you won’t find a more experienced HVAC contractor for your heating system tune-up.

If you’re looking for reliable heat that will cost your home less in energy costs and give you peace of mind until the temperatures rise again come spring, call the experts at DeHart!